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Parking Strategy

Our experience in managing business improvement districts and working with downtown organizations in 36 cities and 21 states provides us with the insight to successfully develop parking strategies that reflect the unique needs of each client we serve. Because we are not a parking consulting firm, but a downtown consulting firm, our programs are based upon what actually works in a downtown. We understand the issues and needs of retailers, office tenants and downtown users. We also understand the importance of public process, including relations with public agencies, city councils and mayors.

Downtown Nashville, TN


As the interim manager of the Nashville Downtown Partnership, Urban Place was given the task of developing and implementing a parking strategy for downtown. The challenge was multi-faceted and included the lack and affordability of both on-street parking for shoppers and off-street parking for workers and visitors. Improving the reality and perception of parking in downtown was key to the short-term survival of the retail businesses and the long-term vitality of the downtown office market.

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