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BID Creation and Renewal

Urban Place has facilitated efforts to successfully establish more than 30 new Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) throughout the United States with collective annual assessment revenue of over

$18 million. We have renewed 15 districts that each saw their assessed revenue and geographic scope increase upon renewal. Our clients range from downtown organizations to city governments, from large cities to small towns, and from districts with a majority of small businesses to those with a predominance of governmental and non-profit organizations.

Figueroa Corridor Partnership, Los Angeles CA


The Figueroa Corridor Business Improvement District on the southern edge of downtown Los Angeles is different from most BIDs in that non-profit and public sector property owners within the district pay almost half of the total yearly assessments. In fact, the formation of the district was led by a small group of property owners; 45% of which are non-profit organizations...

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